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Stable Stripes - Stephanie Davis

Having a Kenyan father who doubled as a qualified safari guide has allowed me to have some incredible experiences in the African bush. Namely, four months working in the world’s most successful rhino sanctuary. My morning walks often began by encountering our female bushbuck grazing outside my front door. Next, a clear view of the sunrise hitting Mt. Kenya. Finally, on a good day, a brief visit from an adorable hyrax – the closest relatives to elephants (although you wouldn’t think it of an animal the size of a rabbit).

My most far-fetched day began with a call from the stables explaining I should come and visit the new horse. Unaware of a potential new foal, I dropped everything to rush over. As I approached the stable door, a small black and white face appeared. Instead of a foal, I was met by the excited whinny of a week-old zebra. Cleo, as she became known, found our stable men one morning and refused to leave their sides. My days were suddenly filled with research on how to care for a young zebra – a subject in which the internet is surprisingly sparse.

She was fed baby formula from a water bottle with the finger of a washing up glove attached to it (no baby bottles in the bush) and given all the attention she required. While a particularly exceptional event, I couldn’t imagine a better description as to the character and attraction of Africa.

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