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Introducing XWIB's Editors

Izzy Hamlet

Hello everyone! My name is Izzy Hamlet. I am in my second year studying Psychology, a degree which I love and find extraordinarily interesting. I am very sociable and was enjoying societies such as tennis, netball and snow sports before COVID times :( .

At the moment, I am going through the struggle of applying for summer internships and juggling revision for dreaded exams. Despite being unsuccessful as of yet on my quest for an internship (fingers still crossed), I feel I have lots of advice and tips for others in the same position. This is an extremely difficult time for everyone having to juggle multiple tasks alongside a global pandemic, but in future blog posts, I wish to contribute to the editorial team by creating enjoyable blog posts, promoting: positivity, motivation and sharing my tips & tricks for fellow XWIB members.

Rebecca Webster

I’m Rebecca, a second year Business Management with Marketing student. Currently I am going through the application process for industrial placements. It can be a stressful process if you haven’t had any experience applying before. I was lost at the start myself and I made pretty much all the mistakes you can. Now I have invitations to assessment centres at major companies. I want to pass on what I have learnt to those of you considering industrial placements, summer internships, graduate jobs and insight weeks to help you avoid some of the stress and land your dream job!

Of course it is also important to have some fun! So I will also be sharing some life hacks to help you create more time for yourself and some ideas for fun things to do when you just need a break from all the chaos!

Chloe Green

Hey, I’m Chloe Green and I am a second-year student studying Mathematics. I love so many different things like keeping fit, football, kayaking and then other things like learning languages (not that I am any good at any of them!), biology and documentaries.

I can agree with Izzy that at the moment I am juggling coursework deadlines, completing the Exeter Award and revision for the looming January exams. I would like to say that I have lots of advice, not just on the academic side but also on the more wellbeing and mental health side as I have tried to involve myself with many different aspects of university and so hope to be able to provide top tips and my ideas on things!

Tevya Bratheeswaran

Hi! My name is Tevya and I’m a second year Maths student. I am currently in the process of revising for January exams, meeting coursework deadlines and trying to get my applications in for different spring weeks, so quite a stressful time!

Outside of academics, I am a part of the rock climbing and cheer & gymnastics societies, both of which are fairly new interests but ones I hope to get back to doing in the new year.

I know how important it is to prioritise mental health and just general well being during these weird times as I’ve been trying to do so myself, and I can’t wait to show you different ways of doing this in upcoming blog posts!

Fernanda Reyes

Hey! My name is Fernanda and I am a first year Econ and Finance student. I am currently revising for the upcoming exams and getting ready to go home for Christmas! Outside of academics I enjoy various activities like cycling, soccer, photography, and music.

I know how exciting yet scary studying abroad can be, especially during corona times. I am eager to share my life hacks as an international student with fellow WIB members. I would also love to pass on my tips on mental health, positivity, and how to succeed at uni while having fun and time for yourself!

Luckily, I had friends introducing me to spring weeks (I had absolutely no idea what they were!). It can be a stressful process and making mistakes while applying is easy (believe me, I made a lot). I think I have some advice and hopefully it will help you to land your dream insight.

Bethan Richards

Hi everyone! I’m Bethan Richards and I am a second year History and French student. Currently I am in the process of submitting coursework, revising for January exams, applying for spring/summer internships and researching work abroad opportunities for third year.

Outside of academia, I love to be social and keep fit. I am part of the uni’s touch rugby club and cheer and gymnastics club and now am a big fan of home pilates and HIIT workouts. I can totally understand how difficult and stressful this year has been, and me and the XWIB Committee, Editors and members are all here to support you! In future blog posts, I would love to give advice on wellbeing, give application and uni hacks and overall promote lots of positivity and motivation for the year ahead.

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