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Beginning - Sabina Atodiresei

Hey, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

Now that you are here, I should start with a little introduction. My name is Sabina, I am the current president of Women in Business and this is my first time writing a blog post. Hopefully, once you finish reading it, you will feel like you know me and the society a bit better.

I kept on going back and forth about what to write about in this post. Should I talk about my election? I think I will save that for a post reflecting on my time as president, my goodbye to the society and its members. For now, I won’t duel on this possible future-past and focus instead on my actual past. Now that Freshers’ Week is almost here, I thought you might want to hear a bit about my time with Women in Business, mainly, the beginning. Optimistically, it might be one of the reasons you join this lovely society.

My situation will surely be familiar to you: there I was, finally, at university. Away from my small town that did not have many opportunities for growth. More independent than ever, free to strategize my future. However, despite the fact that I was where I wanted to be, my spirits were not high. Freedom has many edges and now, being in a new place all by myself, it made me feel quite lost. While at home I was one to try everything, here I did not have something to say “yes” to. If I wanted to leave my most fulfilling university experience, I had to break out of my shell. Although I am quite the extrovert, this one instance had so many new variables that it made me nervous.

Nonetheless, I decided that there is no harm in trying to do something about my situation. So, as I was walking down Forum hill, I realised that I did not have to be the one initiating the conversation. Being Freshers, most people wanted to talk to you about societies, clubs and other resources. This is how I met Fiona, which you might recognise as the treasurer from 2018 to 2019. She and I struck a conversation, talking about how overwhelming one’s first time at uni can be and about what kind of extracurriculars I was looking for. This is still one of the memories I remember fondly, as she had introduced me to the society and sold me on the idea by simply being passionate about its goal. While being part of a society helps one explore different career paths and does not limit women to the stereotypical jobs was the thing I was looking for, it was Fiona that showed me that there is great potential to get even more out of my experience with my society.

Looking back, I can safely that my intuition was right. Moreover, Women in Business has assisted me in various ways. Since I intend to keep this post fairly short, I will only talk about only one aspect. Having the opportunity to talk to other women like Fiona, whether they were students like myself, committee members or career people, had me wanting to be as passionate and hardworking as them. The society gave me the tools to work towards that goal and the women who I have met there motivated me to take advantage of that.

Sadly, it is time to say our goodbyes. However, it is far from the end, it is just the beginning. If you would like to know more about Women in Business and the many experiences that it has to offer, Freshers’ Week has you covered in that regard. Our Virtual Cocktail Social can be the opportunity for you to meet some people that have the same aspirations as you and I. Hope to see you there.

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