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CV Clinic


'Family' Support


Nurturing Talent Program

Here at XWIB, we are driven by a single goal; to cultivate confident and independent young female leaders who can utilise our society as a platform for career success and to collaborate with other enterprising, like-minded individuals. The XWIB Mentorship Scheme being a new initiative, we wish to utilise the platform to provide additional assistance in securing spring-week/summer internships and graduate schemes through our fortnightly CV clinic services (Term 1), blog entries on leading women in various industries and 'family support' group. 

Fret not, our mentorship scheme is not just limited to helping members through employability-based events. We will be hosting regular bonding events within family groups to allow members to get to know of one another better. 

To find out more, sign up as an XWIB member and we will be releasing more details on our social media channels in mid-September.