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About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

At Exeter Women in Business, we thrive to provide a level playfield for enterprising self-identifying women on campus with tremendous career opportunities. We aim to cultivate confident young female leaders to collaborate with other enterprising, like-minded individuals. We want to engage both students and employers in the discussion about women in the workplace, the glass ceiling and the drivers behind a successful career.  


Amidst the rising uncertainty, we all are trying to figure our way out; At XWIB we do this together. This year we expand our sponsorship base from various industry domains, increase insight days(virtual), smaller bespoke activity events with CV applicants, collaborate with different societies on campus, and multiple career networking meets on campus. 


Here at XWIB we together thrive and bring the change, join us in our journey. 

COVID Write Up

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. At XWIB, we are people first. Companies are experimenting with novel ways to track the spread of COVID, and shift effective learning online. Everyone is adapting in their own unique way, and XWIB wants to play a role in helping the world emerge stronger after this, while maintaining the function of the society during this turbulent time. To this end, we hope to continue to connect world-class firms to members of our society.

Virtual Presence

During this time, the virtual presence on XWIB’s platforms are as strong as ever. We expect publicity through these channels to be even more effective during this period.

Virtual Events/Workshops

The absence of physical premises will not hold us back. As usual, we will guarantee minimum quota for attendance on virtual events, to provide a platform for members of the society to have valuable interactions with world-class firms, fellow members of XWIB and other societies.

Cream and Pink Makeup Artist _ Stylist P

'' Behind every successful woman is herself (and XWIB) ''

- Bart Jackson